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No matter how hard you try to clean up and improve your credit score, it takes time before your score will increase. In the meantime, you may be in serious need of a small loan to cover other debts, pay for medical services or other expenses. However, you do have another option. Golden Star Lending is a reputable title loan lender, which services many areas in Texas. We understand how frustrating it can be to be turned down for a loan because of poor credit. Fortunately, we have an alternative solution, which allows folks with bad credit to qualify for loans. Instead of pulling credit checks, which are hard to pass, we secure loans using vehicle titles. If you are old enough to obtain a loan, have income, own a vehicle and have a clear title with no liens, you could qualify for fast cash. It’s really very easy to qualify for title loans Lubbock, and you can look forward to a number of amazing benefits.

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Everything You Want to Know About Title Loans Lubbock

  • No pre-payment penalties. If you have the cash to pay off your loan early, Golden Star Lending will be happy to make the arrangements.
  • Cash for any purpose. Borrowers decide how they’ll spend their loan funds.
  • Loan amounts are determined by the value of your vehicle. Depending upon the condition of your car or truck offered as collateral, you could receive a few hundred dollars or thousands.
  • Continued use of your vehicle. You are free to continue using your vehicle to get to work, attend school, run errands or drive anywhere you need to go.
  • Competitive interest rates for title loans Lubbock. We work hard to secure the best possible interest rates available before closing loans.
  • No penalties for poor credit. Credit reports are not used for qualifying, so you can’t be penalized or turned down for a loan based on credit.
  • Convenient loan center stores. There is always a local loan center store near you.

How Does the Title Loan Process Work?

Submit Your Application Today

It only takes a few minutes of your time to complete an application, and there is no charge to apply for a loan.

Complete a Loan Consultation

It is helpful if you have your monthly income on hand during your phone consultation when discussing loan repayment terms and plans. Ideally, you should carefully study your monthly expense figures to decide upon a payment amount that’s affordable. You’ll also want to make sure that you choose a loan term that gives you the time to repay the loan without overtaxing your finances.

Loan consultations rarely take more than 15 minutes to complete, and then, you’ll be ready to continue on to the next phase of the loan process, which is signing an agreement.

Committing to the Loan

Title loans Lubbock require customers to sign a loan agreement and turn over the paper copy of their car title to complete the legalities of the loan. Title lenders in Texas must adhere to state and federal auto title loan regulations when drawing up contracts.

Regulations help to protect both the lender and the borrower by specifying the terms of the loan in the contract. Agreements also specify your legal obligations such as the amount of the loan, when it must be paid off and the charges you’ll be paying for interest.

Receiving Loan Funds

As soon as you’ve signed your contract, you may receive your loan funds to spend on anything you want or need.

Golden Star Lending is always ready to help with convenient title loans Lubbock, which pay out in a day or less.

Applying for Auto Title Loans

Who Should Consider Car Title Loans?

  • Anyone in need of quick cash.
  • Those who are retired, people working part-time or full-time jobs, those folks working on commission, self-employed and small business owners.
  • Any person needing cash to improve finances, pay off bills, take care of emergencies, cover monthly expenses or pay for essential car and home repairs.

Loan Approval Requirements

Golden Star Lending has very few loan requirements, which makes it easier to qualify more people for loans. To be approved for a loan, you’ll need to meet the following four conditions:

  1. Own a working vehicle, which is paid in full. Auto loans should be paid off.
  2. Hold the title to your vehicle, which lists your name as the legal owner. Titles must be free of liens to qualify for loans.
  3. Have proof of income for repaying a loan.
  4. A government issued identification card, which proves you are old enough to sign a loan contract.

Where Can I Apply for Lubbock, TX Title Loans?

  • If you prefer to speak with a loan representative in person, we encourage you to stop by one of our nearby loan center stores in or near the Lubbock, TX area to discuss your needs and complete an application.
  • People with busy work and lifestyle schedules often prefer to phone in their car title application information.
  • Anyone with basic computer skills can easily complete our online loan application from the comfort of their home or anywhere with internet access.

What Information Will I Need to Complete an Application?

You’ll need to supply a small amount of vehicle information about your car offered as collateral to secure the loan. Of course, we also need your contact information, so we can call about your loan requirements and loan term details. Listed below is a list of the required data:

  • The make, model and body style of your vehicle. We also need a mileage estimate and the age of your car.
  • Your full name, home zip code and a telephone number.

Just as soon as you have submitted an application, you will receive a free loan estimate. If you are pleased with the amount, we encourage you to continue on with the next phase of the loan process, which is a free loan consultation.